KTechLab: Simulating PIC microcontroller and a program running on it

kde and ktechlab

KTechLab is capable of simulating not only circuits, but circuits containing PIC microcontrollers with a program running on it.

KTechLab is coming back

ktechlab and kde

KTechLab, the IDE for microcontrollers and electronics has joined KDE. Below I’m summarizing its current status and plans.

Fixing GTK3 themes for scrollable areas


With GTK3 in Ubuntu 16.04 on XFCE desktop environment, some applications have started to show grey rectangles in vertically scrollable regions. These grey rectangles covered the useful contents of the scrollable regions. The end result is that ...

KTechLab and PIC program simulation: .cod creation?


KTechLab ( Github wiki ; KDE Git repository ) in its current state is able to simulate circuits, but it fails to simulate PICs with uploaded .c or .asm program, because it is not able to properly generate .cod file from the source code.

Hello World!


The obligatory first post.