Announcing KTechLab 0.40.1

kde and ktechlab

I’m happy to announce KTechLab release version 0.40.1. KTechLab is an IDE for microcontrollers and electronics. In this new release every user-visible functionality is the same as in previous releases, however, the codebase of KTechLab has been up...

Announcing KTechLab 0.40.0

kde and ktechlab

KTechLab, the IDE for microcontrollers and electronics, has reached a new milestone: its latest release, 0.40.0, does not depend on KDE3 and Qt3, but on KDE4 and Qt4. This means that KTechLab can be compiled and run on current operating systems.

KTechLab: Simulating PIC microcontroller and a program running on it

kde and ktechlab

KTechLab is capable of simulating not only circuits, but circuits containing PIC microcontrollers with a program running on it.

KTechLab is coming back

ktechlab and kde

KTechLab, the IDE for microcontrollers and electronics has joined KDE. Below I’m summarizing its current status and plans.

Fixing GTK3 themes for scrollable areas


With GTK3 in Ubuntu 16.04 on XFCE desktop environment, some applications have started to show grey rectangles in vertically scrollable regions. These grey rectangles covered the useful contents of the scrollable regions. The end result is that ...