Announcing KTechLab 0.51.0

I’m happy to announce KTechLab release version 0.51.0. KTechLab is an IDE for microcontrollers and electronics. This new release contains the following changes:

The release tarball of version 0.51.0 can be downloaded from KDE servers. Its checksums are:

SHA256Sum: 046b9ce1f2c2a93e1da734a416674a5bb5da3203ac773d49ed693b8492f6d212
SHA1Sum: 7729b67050caee5b65fe4dd1dfbfce213cea44ac
MD5Sum: 2853c6867535995c1ead598e98fce6e3

KTechLab has a mailing list at KDE called ktechlab-devel:

On IRC, developers are mostly reachable on, on #ktechlab channel.

The source code of KTechLab is available in KDE Git, at

Instructions for building and running KTechLab are available in the README file from the source code; online version of that file is available at ; The very short instructions are: run sh and then sh

The notes from joining KDE:

KTechLab bugs at KDE bugtracker:



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