Announcing KTechLab 0.40.1

I’m happy to announce KTechLab release version 0.40.1. KTechLab is an IDE for microcontrollers and electronics. In this new release every user-visible functionality is the same as in previous releases, however, the codebase of KTechLab has been updated, so now it is a pure KDELibs4 and Qt4 application and it does not depend anymore on kde3support and qt3support libraries.

This release should compile and run on systems where kde3support or qt3support libraries are not available.

In its current state KTechLab’s codebase is ready to be ported to KDE Frameworks 5 (KF5) and Qt5. So a future release of KTechLab could only depend on modern libraries like KF5 and Qt5.

The release tarball of version 0.40.1 can be downloaded from KDE servers. Its checksums are:

SHA256Sum: e98570db0cf818a154757eca3f62e8283df55fd49ba87b2cdce8080e9aa5f9fd
SHA1Sum: f6d414f2bc974460d03442871f560b0b86a8b24a
MD5Sum: 9bf7e08a46822788ba84abe332624252

KTechLab has a mailing list at KDE called ktechlab-devel:

On IRC, developers are mostly reachable on, on #ktechlab channel.

The source code of KTechLab is available in KDE Git, at

Instructions for building and running KTechLab are available in the README file from the source code; online version of that file is available at ; The very short instructions are: run sh and then sh

The notes from joining KDE:

KTechLab bugs at KDE bugtracker:



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